Friday, February 28, 2014

Important Information About The Revlon Legacy Collection!

Revlon Legacy Collection

Recently I shared with you all about the Legacy Collection by Revlon. I hope many of you have been finding these amazing shades in your local store but sadly I have yet to find any.

I have been to my local CVS and Walgreen's stores as well as called Ulta and Sally Beauty shops and...nothing! I also searched and searched all over the internet hoping I would find them on Ebay or Amazon or anywhere and again...nothing!

As most of you know I am not one to give up easily so I decided to go straight to the top! I called Revlon's costumer service line and boy did I get heaps of help.

This is what I learned about the collection and with this information I hope it will help some of you find these stunning shades before they sell out!

  • The collection was released on February 1, 2014-it will sell out quickly
  • Sadly this collection will NOT be sold outside of the United States so best bet for those of you that don't live in the states is keep your eyes peeled for it being sold on Ebay or perhaps you can ask a friend to purchase some for you
  • When looking up this product type these words: Revlon Limited Edition Voted by You
  • That phrase exactly is what you should be looking for when you go looking for them at those shops I mentioned
  • They told me it should be in more Walgreen stores by Tuesday, March 4th
  • And lastly, this site is an interactive sightings map and it is showing where they have been found and details of what they found-very informative. Click HERE
I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I score a few this week. I won't give up and hope you don't either. Good luck finding some!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Must See TV: Parade's End

At last I have watched Parade's End (2012)! It first premiered in 2012 via the BBC and then in 2013 via HBO so perhaps some of you have come across it already.

When I first learned about it I was immediately hooked but four things-Benedict Cumberbatch, Period Film, Rebecca Hall, and Romance. Oh yeah, that did it for me. And I was not disappointed. It has been a day already since I have seen it and it is still haunting me. I already want to re-watch it to see if I missed or overlooked anything.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Parade's End Kiss
There are four parts to this miniseries all based on a book named Parade's End by Ford Madox Ford and published between 1924 and 1928.

Episode one of the series shows some flashbacks on how the main character of Christopher Tietjens (Cumberbatch) met and married his wife Sylvia (Hall). You get an insight into their situations in life, their personalities, and their flaws-for which there are many.

Sylvia is pregnant with a child that may or may not be Christopher's. He marries her anyway and keeps his distance from her but is very affectionate to the child. He is quite intelligent and she is nowhere near his intellectual equal. Sylvia has an appetite for life that does not match Christopher's which leads her to having an affair and leaving him. But that's just when things start to warm up.

Can you imagine a woman leaving her husband for another man let alone unapologetic about not knowing who the father of her child is? Well, pre-WWI was a different time. Watching this series reminding me how much things have surely changed.

Rebecca Hall
Parade's End

After Sylvia leaves Christopher, in an odd turn of events he mets a young woman named Valentine (Adelaide Clemens) who is a suffragette. She instantly understands him and proves to be a match to his intellect. Their meeting is subtle, sweet, and not thrown in your face as it was when he first met Sylvia. 

Unlike other series from this time period I was surprised to find a tad bit of nudity and a risque sex scene in the very beginning of episode one. I really didn't expect it. You just don't see films of women of that time doing what Sylvia was doing. But that is a fascinating aspect of the story-how each of these woman (Sylvia and Valentine) were not the norm of their society and both wanted to live their lives based on their own judgement and decision and not what society dictated to them. Christopher on the other hand was holding tightly to the concept of a gentleman's duties and doing the right and honorable thing no matter the cost.

Benedict Cumberbatch

By the time I got to episode three I was on pins and needles. Where Valentine and Christopher gong to end up together? Will he die in the trenches of WWI? Does Sylvia really love Christopher or is he just another toy for her to play with? I felt like I was being tortured but it was soooo worth the wait.

A love triangle of sorts ensues and you really don't know who Christopher will choose to be with in the end if their is an end in sight. I like how tastefully done the way Christopher is with Valentine but then again it is a testament to his gentlemen-like qualities.

Parade's End
Parade's End

I only really have three complaints about this series. I don't understand why Valentine's hair was short and she was wearing dresses. I suppose they could have put her in some trousers if she were to be such a rebel. I just didn't get that and it actually distracted me a bit.

I wish the characters of Christopher's parents and brother were fleshed out more and that we learned how Michael (Sylvia's son) faired in the end. Lastly, although episode four was splendid, I did feel like it was a bit rushed.

Rebecca Hall was outstanding as Sylvia! Her character was so complex and they took the time to flesh it out and show its strengths and weaknesses which was a joy to watch. What they showed of her literally at the last moments did disappoint me and made me want to know what really became of her. You just feel like you want to know how everything panned out. I know others have felt the ending was rushed as well. I think that's why I want to re-watch it because now that I know what happens perhaps the second time around it won't feel as rushed.

All in all, this was a wonderful piece of work, The writing was fantastic and the cinematography was divine-a feast for the eyes. There was drama and romance and suspense and joy and oh so much!

I do recommend to give this miniseries a try and remember to pay attention to how the characters unfold. I placed the photos on this post purposely not in the order of how it is seen on the show because I don't want you to guess how it ends. It is definitely a journey worth going on.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Makeup Alert! The Legacy Collection By Revlon

Ever had the perfect and I mean perfect shade of lipstick in your hands? The kind that complimented your complexion and just seemed to work with every outfit you wore? And then imagine yourself walking into the store to get some more and they no longer have it. It's discontinued!

Look no further because Revlon is doing something magical for all of us and is reissuing FIVE amazing lipsticks from spanning four decades!

Revlon Legacy Collection

They are coming out this spring and I have to tell you I have a funny feeling they will sell out fast. So, if you see them online or in store snatch as many as possible

Are there any shades you already know that you MUST have? Which ones? Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for The Legacy Collection By Revlon in a store near you!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Promising Period Films: Part Two


I am so glad many of you enjoyed some of the promising period films I listed yesterday. Today, I would like to share five more coming to a theater near you!

Grace of Monaco

Grace of Monaco focus on adjustments that Grace Kelly had to make once she was married to Prince Rainier and became a royal herself. I am a huge fan of Grace Kelly so I am intrigued to see this!

The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game is a tells the story about British wartime cryptographer Alan Turing, who was a key figure in cracking Nazi Germany's Enigma code during World War II. In 1952 he was criminally prosecuted because of his homosexuality as it was illegal at the time. A fascinating tale about what seems to be an incredibly intelligent man who did his duty for his country and in the end was treated unjustly (and cruelly) in return.

A Promise

Set in 1912, A Promise tells the story of Charlotte who is married to an older man named Karl. Enter Ludwig ( who is younger and becomes smitten with Charlotte) who becomes an assistant of sorts to Karl who is unable to travel. Years pass until they both admit to their unrequited love for one another.


I love the era that Serena is set which is the 1930's. I am sure the costumes are going to be drool worthy. Pairing together again are Jennifer Lawrence and Bradly Cooper who play a husband and wife during the Great Depression. Serena (Lawrence) finds out she is unable to bear children and the story unfolds with their struggles both personally and financially.

Winter's Tale

A Winter's Tale is a blend of romance and the supernatural which in my head equals perfection. I think it would be vital to keep your mind open to this movie because the films includes characters that are demons and angels.  I do think the story of Peter and Beverly as star crossed lovers who end up together in a non-traditional way will be a beautiful story to see unfold. It begins in 1886 and takes us all the way to 2014. Fascinating me thinks!

I find The Imitation Game and A Promise the most interesting to watch although of course I want to see them all. Actually each film has about two or three reasons why I want to watch them. I mean watching actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Rebecca Hall, Alan Rickman, Jessica Brown-Findlay, and Jennifer Connelly are good reasons for me. But also themes like romance, love, tragedy, and suffering combined with the characters that are in each film. Gah! I have a lot movies to watch this year but I figure one can have worst problems on their hands, right?

Which of these intrigues you the most? What do you think about the casting of Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly? Do you think she will surprise us like Michelle Williams did in My Week with Marilyn?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Promising Period Films: Part One


Sprinkled here and there in the midst of Hollywood blockbusters and 1980's film remakes are some really promising period films. What is not to love about a story set in the past?

Here is a peak at some of them:

The Book Thief

The Book Thief is based on a novel by the same name by Markus Zusak, we follow the life of a little girl named Liesel. The film tells her story from the beginning to the end of World War II. The Angel of Death is the one who shares the remarkable story of Liesel and how in the process of learning how to read (and eventually consume books on a regular basis) she changes the lives of those around her.


Belle was inspired by the 1779 painting of  Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray. Dido's father was Sir John Lindsay and her mother was an African slave named Maria Belle. Very little is known about Dido's life so this film is a work of fiction but it does attempt to recreate what her life may have been like.

The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman is set in the late 1800's and tells the story about Charles Dickens and his secret mistress named Ellen Ternan who was 27 years younger. The Dickens family was stayed silent about his long standing affair with the younger Ellen until his youngest child passed on in 1933.

In Secret

In Secret is set in 1860s Paris and tells the story of a Therese, repressed young woman who is encouraged to marry to sickly cousin. When she meets her husband's friend Laurent, they begin a illicit affair that ends with great tragedy and torment. Watching the previews  of this film sent a chill through my bones!

The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men is based on a non-fiction book called The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and The Greatest Treasure Hunt in History (which I am super eager to read!) by Robert M. Edsel. Set during WWII, it follows an allied group who are given the job to save art and other important cultural artifacts before Hitler could destroy them.

So which films are you eager to see more than others? I definitely want to see them all at some point. Personally I am leaning towards The Book Thief and The Monuments Men. I have to wait to see the others when I am in a mood for romance mixed with tragedy and suffering. I really have to be in a certain mood for those. How about you?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hello. My name is Daffny and I am an Artist.

The best part of having an AHA moment is that you are usually not expecting it. And when it does happen its both like a slap in the face ("the wake up already" kind) and having a bunch of light bulbs go on inside your head all at the same time.

AHA Moment

The same day the posts of others bloggers inspired me was the same day I had my AHA moment. What I didn't know was that someone was going to say something to me to trigger this momentous understanding in my head.

My husband. I told him how I was feeling. A bit blue and drained (I attest that to the winter) and a little discouraged and he wrote me something that now has me feeling this sense of peace I cannot explain. It's like a "where have you been all my life" feeling.

Frida Kahlo
One of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo in 1931

Before I share with you his wisdom that he gifted to me, let me share with you a brief history of my artistic inclinations.

  • I was an avid reader by the age of 6 and have been devouring books every since. My passion for words grew as I read each book.
  • I wrote my first "book" at age nine. Sadly it was lost in a house fire
  • I began pen-palling at the age of 12 which taught me the discipline and dedication it takes to write often
  • I began journaling at the age of 9 and ceased at the age of 31
  • I began writing poetry at the age of 14 and stopped at the age of 24. Some have been published.
  • I started writing a book in 1993 (have not finished it), scrapbooking in 2002, and painting in 2005
  • A camera was placed in my hands at age 12 and have been snapping ever since
Olivia Painting
Not Frida Kahlo but my little take on Olivia the pig for my daughter's birthday a few years ago

I know all of you are crafty and creative in many ways. I have friends who knit or sing or draw amazing pictures. I think we are all talented and gifted in some way. Looking back at all the things I did as a child and young adult made me realize that I always had a hankering for being creative. I always felt the need for self-expression and often felt relieved and grateful when I had a pen and notebook to write in.

A few years ago my father began to try to convince me to get myself published but I said no, I am not a writer. I have never felt like I was because I always assumed you have to be published by a big name publishing company or have some level of fame. 

I suppose I assumed that if one is to consider themselves an artist they first have to be successful in that art.

Silly me. Very silly me.

My husband's words to me: In pursuit of creativity a true artist endures. That is the gist of what he said. Endures what? Endures suffering, struggles, more struggles, challenges, more challenges...and in the end they still create. That is an artist.

So today I say it out loud and proud, "Hello. My Name is Daffny and I am an Artist". 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Instagram is Insta-fun!


I have been curious about the social network called Instagram for a while and during the summer of 2013 I purchased my first fancy phone. You know, the phone that doesn't flip and has internet access? (insert chuckle) Finally I entered the 21st Century!! The first place I went to with my phone was Instagram!

It has been a few months since I have been on and oh my goodness it is such a hoot! I have to admit it is my favorite social network now. Do you want to know why? It's simple-you really get to know people better and I think that's a wonderful thing!

Instagram avintagenerd

These photos are just little peak into what I post daily. I like to share things that represent what A Vintage Nerd is all about. And since I am the nerd behind the blog, I also like to share little things about my day or life. It's been great to get to know more of my readers on this platform as well.

If you haven't been able to use Instagram yet I hope you do someday. It's loads of fun and visually pleasing as well as inspirational.

Here are some articles to help if you are starting out with Instagram:

Anthony Quintano: My Guide To Instagram

101 Tips for Using Instagram

11 Instagram Tips for Beginners

10 Tips for Mastering Instagram

Hope these links and articles can help you if you decide to venture into using Instagram or if you are already you may learn some things you didn't know before.

Feel free to follow me HERE and don't be shy and say HI! Hey, that rhymed!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Inspired by Blogs Just When I Needed Some Inspiration


I have been reading some incredible posts by fellow bloggers lately. Three stay in mind the most because they tapped into the state of being I am in at the moment and reconfirmed my own status as a blogger and a lover of vintage.

Now, I normally don't write about other bloggers but I felt they taught me so much in their post that well, perhaps you would learn something from them as well or perhaps learn something from what I learned. That somehow you may feel inspired as well.

Quite a few vintage bloggers are making a shift in their blogs as well as in their personal style and wardrobe. I mean life is about change right and so therefore it is only normal to evolve and grow. That is all a good thing. A very good thing.

Vixen Vintage

Solanah from Vixen Vintage has been a beacon of inspiration for my a vintage blogger or fan of fashion. Lately she has found that although her love for vintage will never wane, she wanted to have her wardrobe reflect more of who she is at this moment.
Solanah Vixen Vintage
Blending Vintage and Modern looks to make a look that works for her: Vixen Vintage

This is exactly where I am when it comes to my own wardrobe. Everyone has their different reasons for making changes in their life so here are mine. I love dressing vintage BUT I need my wardrobe to reflect my age and my lifestyle. I am not 20 and I am not 60. Both are beautiful ages and I loved 20 but you know what I am head over heals over being 38. Personally I like Daffny more now than ever before and I have a funny feeling as I get older it will just keep  getting better.

I really appreciated Solanah's candor and I think its nice for a blogger to come out and say "hey this is me and it doesn't mean I love vintage any less than any of you but it just means that vintage has a different place in my life than it does for others." And although her current posts reveal why she is making her changes, I feel like her latest post is what was the cherry on top for me. A post about great fitting jeans. I know it sounds weird that a post about jeans hit home to me but I am a jeans wearing girl. Although I will wear complete head to toe vintage outfits for special outings and events I do want to be more accessible as a mother and yet still incorporate vintage into my daily dress. That way I get the best of both worlds! And scoring a few pair of fabulous jeans will hit the mark for me!
Chronically Vintage

The second post that recently hit home to me came from Jessica from Chronically Vintage. Most bloggers (or people for that matter) don't often share trade secrets. They don't want you to compete with them and they don't want you to be more successful than them.

I appreciate when a fellow blogger helps out another but Jessica took an extra step and shared 30 tips that will help you succeed as a new blogger. I think even pro bloggers can learn a thing or two about Jessica's list.

Gosh I feel like every tip hit home with me but I made the changes on my blog from Bunny's Victory to A Vintage Nerd because of tips #3, #4, #5, and #19. I was being myself when I projected myself as Bunny but I wasn't being fully me as I am now which makes me happier. When I first came into blogging in July 2011 I was trying to keep up with the Joneses and it wasn't any fun. I learned a lot from blogging theses past few years so Jessica's tips are spot on. I can attest to them!

I loved tip #19 Don't be afraid to change. Like I said earlier, many bloggers are making shifts and changes to their lives, wardrobes, and blogs and we shouldn't be afraid to make changes. When one night my Bunny's Victory blog link didn't work I said to myself well maybe this is meant to be. You don't know how many uphill battles I have faced since becoming a blogger in 2011 in trying to get my blog where I wanted it to be. Talk about hitting a few walls but you know what, if you love to write, if you love to express yourself, and if you love being creative then stick with it because even if 10 people read your blog it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy what you are doing.

Jessica Chronically Vintage

I changed my blog, turned in my Bunny name for my real name, and took on a 365 day blogging challenge because I wanted to be more authentic to myself and I wanted to have fun writing. Blogging should be a joyful and fun experience for yourself always!

Super Kawaii Mama

Lastly was a post written by Candice from Super Kawaii Mama. She posted a photo of herself wearing a wig that was a light shade of purple and from that was personally inspired to write a post called The cultural myth of age appropriate. In creating a style for yourself should you be affected by the way people think of you? Should your age get in the way of being an inspiration for others or in accessing opportunities. Candice speaks about a whole slew of topics all inspired by her wearing that wig. Is it okay for someone her age (I believe we are around the same age) to wear a purple wig and should that affect how others view her.

Candice Super Kawaii Mama

Truly youth is a fleeting thing but being youthful in how you live your life can be a part of your everyday existence. I have experienced a loss of opportunities because of my age but also because of the size of my waist and not to mention my everyday must have accessories, my leg braces. I see it as their loss that they couldn't see all the amazing things that I see in myself everyday. That's okay because at the end of the day darnit, I am still amazing!

All three of these blog posts hit home for me for the reasons I shared above but also because sometimes dare I say I can get frustrated with myself because I feel like I cannot do everything I want or need to do blogwise. My husband said to me today, "it is what a true artist endures". Those words meant a lot to me and reminded me that part of creation is the struggle.

At the end of my day I am happy to be able to use blogging as a means to be creative. If no one notices it then its okay. What's important is that I keep doing what makes me happy, what gives me an outlet to be my vintage nerd self, and allows me to be exactly who at am at this very moment. Nothing less and nothing more.

***ALL photos were from Vixen Vintage, Chronically Vintage, and Super Kawaii Mama respectively***

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Classic Cinema Spotlight: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) starring Gene Tierney as Lucy and Rex Harrison  as Captain Daniel Gregg was based on the 1945 novel written by Josephine Leslie under the pseudonym of R. A. Dick. It is defined at a romantic fantasy film as the lead characters are a widow and ghost who happen to fall in love with each other.

Lucy along with her young daughter Anna, moves into seaside home that is supposed to be haunted by its original owner. Lucy forges on and creates a life for herself and her daughter and then something happens.

Lucy encounters the brash and arrogant ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg and instead of being spooked by him she confronts him and from then on they forge a strong bond and friendship.
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Ghost and Mrs. Muir
I love this portrait of the Captain. If you ever wanted to know more about it you can read an interesting article I found HERE.

A very young Natalie Wood costars as Anna and  Edna Best as Martha Huggins, Lucy's maid and confidant. And lastly, the ever so fabulous George Sanders plays the the role of a  dashing writer named Miles Fairley who is married but tries to pursue Lucy anyway.
Natalie Wood
George Sanders
Daniel tries to help Lucy in every way he can. He encourages her to write down the stories of his life and get them published in order to help her provide for Anna and keep her independent.
Rex Harrison
Gene Tierney
Towards the end of the film Daniel reaches out to Lucy while she is dreaming and tells her that he was never real. He does this out of love for her and in knowing that life is meant for the living.

Years pass on and Anna is grown and Lucy is a grandmother. One day as she is passing on, Daniel comes and lifts her younger self from its body and off they go arm and arm to another life beyond.

This film is endearing and romantic as well as funny and unique. I say unique because the concept of a woman falling in love with a ghost can be portrayed and filmed in many unflattering ways but the cast and those behind the making of this film made it tasteful. 

In the 1960's there was show created by the same name. Sadly there are no dvd's available for it...yet!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TCM Presents a FREE Screening of Casablanca At a Theater Near You!


TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is hosting a FREE screening of the 1942 classic Casablanca. Click on this link HERE and it will take you to TCM's 20th Anniversary page where they have been hosting free events all year long.

In December my husband and I went on their movie tour all throughout Manhattan. It was amazing and all FREE! You can read about it HERE.

All you have to do is get on the site I just shared and click on FREE TICKETS. Choose the city where you will like the see the screening. From there they will ask you for your name and address and some other information. They only give out two tickets per person. Once all the important buttons are clicked they will email you the free passes. Simply print them out and mark the special date on the calendar!

It will be screening in those selected cities throughout the country (U.S.) on Tuesday, March 4th at 7:30 P.M.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to see this classic on the big screen. I saw it once for its 70th Anniversary and it was amazing. I wish they would screen more classic films all over the world! It is a sight to behold!

Let me know if you go! If you do, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Must See TV: Sherlock: Season Three

A Vintage Nerd

Sherlock is back! Whoot! Based on the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this series takes on not only the iconic stories and characters of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson but puts a modern spin to it. I know, take a classic tale of a genius detective which has been told and retold on screen since 1921 and reinvent it? To top it off it is the most portrayed movie character of all time! How can it be retold differently?

Well, I am sure it wasn't easy for the head writer Mark Gatiss and his co-conspirators (writers), Steven Moffat (Doctor Who Head writer), and Stephen Thompson but they took the challenge anyway and the game was on!

At first it took me a little while to adjust to the backdrop of modern London and the portrayal of these characters with cell phones in hand but once you give it a try you just get sucked in. Benedict Cumberbatch (Star Trek) and Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) are both OUTSTANDING actors. No really, I needed to put that all in capital letters. They are flippin amazing!

Sherlock is what you get when you have incredible writing, jaw dropping stories to tell (or retell), strong direction, and a cast that gives 110%. Each episode is like a little movie. The first season arrived in 2010, the second in 2012, and now we are in the third season. I know it sounds strange for a show to have two year breaks but with the rising film careers of both Cumberbatch and Freeman as well as the responsibilities of Doctor Who for Moffat, it has been a challenge to get everyone in one place at the same time. But by golly-they did it!

I have never heard of anything like that happening in Hollywood or within American television so I say Bravo to the executives who keep bringing this amazing show back.

Masterpiece Theater
Sherlock is alive. Watson marries Mary. Molly, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, and Detective Inspector Lestrade are back as well. And the introduction of another nemesis for Sherlock and Watson as well as the possible return of another. Ohhhhh sooooo good!

Benedict Cumberbatch
I think out of all three episodes of Season 3 I feel like the Best Man speech during Episode 2 (The Sign of Three) was the part that had me feeling uncomfortable, worried, stressed, confused, wondering, emotional, moving, excited, and scared all at once! I know that is a lot happening in once particular part of an episode but you will have to watch it to see what I mean.

Sherlock is a part of some great British television that is happening and if you love a good story, I mean a GOOD story, then don't miss out on this brilliant retelling of the genius detective and his partner Watson.

It is available NOW on! Enjoy!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Finding Inspiration In The Words of Others

A Vintage Nerd

Do you ever find yourself coming across amazing photos or quotes while searching the web or prepping for a blog post? You may then admire it and then decide to save it just in case you want to remember it?

I have oodles of those-quotes and fun photos and inspirational photos as well. I thought I would share a bit of a few that I have found and hope you like them as much as I do.

Sidney Poitier
Bettie Page
Iris ApfelColin Firth
Coco Chanel
John F. Kennedy
Helena Rubinstein

Which did you like best? I just love hearing what other people think or thought and what their personal beliefs or philosophies were. It's fascinating.

If you liked any of these quotes feel free to pin then on your Pinterest-the pin button is invisible but at the left hand corner of all my photos. Enjoy!
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